eCOvantage 'D' Range

The flagship of this category is the eCOvantage ‘D’ range designed for all kinds of red meat. Some trays are designed with Holsorb® in the base eliminating the need for absorbent pads. The range offered in all key sizes is manufactured in at least 85% recycled PET is available in a variety of colours. Formats are suited to Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) with barrier materials APET and APET/PE. The meat portfolio is available in variable depths ranging from flat to deep bases. The ‘D’ series from D2 to D18 is suitable for a range of meats from burgers to escalopes to roasts. The ‘S6’ range can be used for pre-sliced cold meats, sausages, bacon…

A-B denest provides optimal warehouse storage and reduced truck journeys.

Available Colours

We offer up to 28 stock colours, but if required can colour match to the customers requirements offering an unlimited choice of colours.

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